How to identify the days when the possibility of conceiving a baby and pregnancy is highest?

The first step is to listen to your body: the fertile days coincide with ovulation and to calculate them you need to pay attention to the rhythm of the menstrual cycle, which is not the same for all. On average it lasts 29 days, but in reality it can vary from 26 to 32.

Ovulation takes place halfway through the menstrual cycle, more precisely 14 days before the arrival of the menstrual cycle.

So, for example, if the cycle is scheduled for October 30, the day of ovulation should be October 16. Taking into account that the oocyte lives for about 12 hours, while the spermatozoa maintain their fertilization capacity for 48-72 hours, it is easy to deduce that the best moments to try to conceive range from the three days before ovulation to the one that follows.

It should be pointed out, however, that this method for calculating the fertile days does not have a mathematical precision: for “functions” it is necessary to have a regular cycle. In addition, it must be considered that, at times, even those who have precise menstruation may, from one month to the next, present variations, with the consequence that ovulation can occur before or after the scheduled day.

Another way to identify fertile days by paying attention to body signals is to observe changes in cervical mucus.

As ovulation approaches, it becomes more fluid and filamentous, a clear type of egg, to allow spermatozoa to survive after sexual intercourse. The moment in which the greatest lubrication is felt corresponds to the most fertile day of the cycle, the ideal time to attempt conception.

Finally, if you want to facilitate your calculations by asking for help with technology, ovulation tests are available on the market. They are used in the same way as pregnancy tests and measure the concentration in the urine of LH, the hormone produced by the pituitary gland, which reaches its maximum concentration between 36 and 12 hours before ovulation.

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