dye hair when pregnant

We all know that the procedure for dyeing hair involves treating them with chemical reagents. The question arises, how dangerous are they for the baby and is it possible to dye hair during pregnancy?

A woman at any age and condition wants to be beautiful. But the widespread belief that you can not dye your hair during pregnancy makes expectant mothers suffer from their appearance and refuse to take care of themselves. The answer to the long-tormented question of “is it possible or impossible” will be given by Ivona Medically In general, any chemical effect on the hairline is not very useful, which is quite logical. But women are willing to neglect the minor consequences in order to look brilliant. Frightened expectant mothers with eyes like saucers ask their doctors if it is possible to dye their hair? And there is a very clear answer to this.

Of course, it is better to ask a doctor about the possibility of carrying out any procedures involving intervention in the mother’s body. But the theory of the dangers of hair dye is based, to a greater extent, on the presence of harmful chemicals in its composition. Previously, to create coloring pigments used: ammonia. This odorless substance is highly volatile and can cause headaches, nausea, and fainting. hydrogen peroxide. May cause an allergic reaction, chemical burns, redness, and inflammation on the scalp and mucous membrane paraphenylenediamine. When ingested, it can cause suffocation and inflammation of the nasopharynx. resorcinol. A volatile substance, prolonged inhalation of which can lead to a protracted cough, inflammation of the mucous membrane and a decrease in immunity.

dye hair when pregnant
Can you dye your hair when pregnant?

Obstetrician-gynecologist Elena Berezovskaya claims: “Hair coloring during pregnancy is not contraindicated. Modern dyes are very safe, although due to commercial purposes they are weaker, that is, they rinse off faster (therefore they are bought more often). Ammonia is now minimal in dyes, and in some, it’s not at all. Scientists came to the same conclusion after many years of research on the relationship between hair dyeing and damage to the health of a future mother and child. Given the anatomy and physiology of a pregnant woman, the absorption of dyes directly into the blood, even with direct contact with the skin, is negligible. However, if this happens, it does absolutely no harm to the child. The fact is that maternal blood does not mix with the blood of the fetus, and the placenta will not miss the harmful substances that may be contained in the paint. On the contrary, many doctors claim that the expectation of a future mother with her appearance will have a very positive effect on the development of the child because the relationship of the pregnant woman’s mood with the fetus has been scientifically confirmed.

Of course, some safety rules should still be followed. Staining recommendations Each pregnancy is individual and proceeds with its own characteristics. In deciding whether to dye her hair or not, a woman should not rely on her intuition, but rather consult a doctor. He will be able to correctly determine how the pregnancy proceeds, whether there are deviations, toxicosis, allergic reactions, and in what condition the hormonal background. These factors affect the hair structure of a woman in position and will be able to determine the optimal painting procedure. It is important to remember that during pregnancy, it is almost impossible to predict the color obtained.

Do not carry out the procedure more than once a trimester. small life hack: during pregnancy, try to choose a shade that is as close to natural as possible. Overgrown roots will be less noticeable, which will allow you to tint much less often than usual. even if you were not prone to allergies in the normal state, an allergic reaction test should be done before painting during pregnancy. How to carry out this procedure is usually written on the packaging. Usually, before coloring the entire head, they dye a small strand of hair or apply cream paint to the back of the hand, where the skin is thin and delicate. do coloring in professional salons. Before the procedure, be sure to warn the master about your delicate situation. When painting, they will minimize the contact of paint with the scalp and will be able to choose a more gentle, organic care.

forget about the practice of “holding the paint longer to keep it better and the color turned out brighter.” prescribe painting in the cabin in the morning, when the air in the room is still fresh and not filled with chemical fumes. Also, make sure it is a well-ventilated area. if you still decide to abandon chemical dyes, folk remedies will help you look luxurious: a cool decoction of chamomile, rhubarb, linden, onion husk, rhubarb or walnut, which should be washed and not washed off; or henna and Basma. Important: henna and Basma can give both dark and dull, and very bright shades. Be prepared for the fact that instead of calm wheat you get a fiery red, or instead of chestnut blue-black.

Today, the trend is natural dyeing and balayage for all shades of hair and skin color types. Consult with the master and choose the perfect hairstyle together.

In general, the harm from dyeing your hair does not depend on whether you are expecting a baby. Precautions are relevant to women in any condition. But do not neglect the very natural desire to look beautiful and well-groomed. Today, there are many alternatives to high ammonia paint. Prefer hair cosmetics containing natural ingredients, or drugs recommended for people with increased sensitivity and susceptibility. Delight yourself with a beautiful hairstyle without fear!

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