Backpack for mom – you need it?

Today it is no secret to anyone that the appearance of a child in a family is not only a joyful and pleasantly troublesome event for young parents but, undoubtedly, a colossal responsibility, careful care, and timely care for the baby. Look for the best baby carrier for petite mom. Often, parents-to-be start planning in advance a list of things that will be needed immediately when a new family member appears. The presence of a special bag on this list will be no exception. In such a difficult and serious period of caring for a baby, a young mother should not forget about

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Flu during pregnancy

Influenza refers to infectious diseases that can cause pregnancy disorders and the occurrence of pathologies in the fetus. Are there any ways to avoid getting the flu, can you get vaccinated during pregnancy and what to do if you are still ill - detailed information on all aspects of the incidence of influenza can be found on our website. The influenza virus enters the body of a pregnant woman by airborne droplets, spreads rapidly and destroys the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, causing a variety of complications. Col

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Execution can not be pardoned? All About Hair Dyeing During Pregnancy

We all know that the procedure for dyeing hair involves treating them with chemical reagents. The question arises, how dangerous are they for the baby and is it possible to dye hair during pregnancy? A woman at any age and condition wants to be beautiful. But the widespread belief that you can not dye your hair during pregnancy makes expectant mothers suffer from their appearance and refuse to take care of themselves. The answer to the long-tormented question of “is it possible or impossible” will be given by Ivona Medically In general, any chemical effect on the hairlin

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A cycle of well-being

Every woman knows that there is a "monthly appointment" to monitor when you want to put a baby in the pipeline. They were once, in many cultures, the object of mistrust and fear. Today, the hormonal mechanisms underlying menstruation are well known and, despite the many prejudices that still circulate on the subject, we accept them for what they are: a physiological phenomenon, sometimes annoying, but which reflects the good general and reproductive health of women in child-bearing age. But there are many doubts for those seeking pregnancy: is regular menstruation a sign

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You want a baby? Here’s how to calculate the “right” days

How to identify the days when the possibility of conceiving a baby and pregnancy is highest? The first step is to listen to your body: the fertile days coincide with ovulation and to calculate them you need to pay attention to the rhythm of the menstrual cycle, which is not the same for all. On average it lasts 29 days, but in reality it can vary from 26 to 32. Ovulation takes place halfway through the menstrual cycle, more precisely 14 days before the arrival of the menstrual cycle. So, for example, if the cycle is scheduled for October 30, the day of ovulation sh

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Pregnancy test: instructions for use

Do you have a few days late on your period, maybe some suspicious symptoms? Or are you looking for a child and are you eager to know if the last attempt was successful? To solve the problem, beyond any doubt, it is necessary to take a pregnancy test. At the pharmacy, without a prescription, you can buy DIY sticks that measure the concentration in the urine of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone released into the mother's body by the embryo from the moment it nests in the wall of the uterus and the pregnancy actually begins. "The reliability of these devices, if

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The 8 rules for conceiving a healthy baby

For some time now, you've been wanting to become a mother, you've talked about it with your partner and you think it's time to try. What can you do to prepare yourself? "Although it is always a good idea to take care of your health and fertility to get to the appointment in the best physical condition, when you decide to have a child it becomes even more important to correct the shooting on different aspects of your life," says Rossana Sarli, gynecologist in Genoa. From diet to lifestyle and examinations, the Ministry of Health reminds aspiring parents in the "Think about i

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Folic acid: it is essential to take it before conception

It protects the child from serious malformations, but only a third of future mothers follow proper prevention. Thus, from the United States, comes the indication to fortify certain foods with this substance. Today there are many women who have heard about the importance of supplementing folic acid while waiting. Too few, however, are aware of the fact that it is essential that the intake of this substance occurs at least one month before conception, if you plan to become pregnant. And, however, since not all pregnancies are planned, the updated guidelines on the subject

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You want a son, but he doesn’t feel like it: what to do?

Sooner or later there comes a time when instinctively the desire for a child is born or when you think you can no longer postpone this decision. You talk to your partner, but he "can't hear" you. This is a rather common situation today, given the general tendency to postpone the arrival of the child. Such an important project, however, if not shared, can seriously put the couple in crisis. What to do in these cases? "The fact that paternity has moved forward in time, in fact, leads women to do a little more pressure within a relationship that they feel stable, otherwise

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Lupus erythematosus: no longer an obstacle to pregnancy

There is no reason to resign or lose hope: just follow a proper path as long as you are looking for a baby. Planning for conception and having a team of specialists follow you before, during and after the nine months: these are the two fundamental moves that make it possible for a woman with systemic lupus erythematosus, or other rheumatic diseases, to complete her pregnancy and have healthy children. "Often demoralized women arrive at our clinic, perhaps because they have read incorrect information on the Internet," observes Maria Gerosa, Head of the "Pregnancy Clinic"